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Office 2019 is not only a toolkit for office workers but also provides useful software for ordinary users, especially students. With the needs of students, Office 2019 Home & Student is the optimal choice in both quality and price. In today's article, we will learn about where to buy cheap genuine Office 2019 Home & Student key and notes when installing Office.


1 Overview of Office 2019 Home & Student

2 Why should you buy an Office 2019 Home & Student key?

Office Home & Student 3 suite of applications include:

4 How to install Office 2019 Home & Student

4.1 1. Using the ISO Download Tool

4.2 2. Download Office from Microsoft's website

5 Check Microsoft Office Home Student Copyright 2019


Office 2019 Home & Student Overview

Office 2019 Home & Student is a version of Office tools exclusively for students, students and people with common computer needs. Office 2019 is the most advanced version of Office fixed (buy 1 use forever). Therefore, this is considered one of the most economical solutions that Microsoft provides to users.


The Office 2019 Home & Student version includes 3 most popular tools of Microsoft Office: Word , Excel PowerPoint . With these 3 software, all your work will be solved easily and quickly.


Why should you buy Office 2019 Home & Student key?

Using Office 2019 Home & Student is already a good solution, but you can save even more costs by buying genuine copyright Office 2019 Home & Student key at Win Cheap.


You will be charged a higher fee when purchasing directly from the Microsoft store. But if you buy the key this way, you can both use the genuine product from Microsoft, have the warranty and don't have to worry like when using the pirated version. Buy once for a cheap price – use every day and use for life, what better method?


How to check if your Microsoft Office is 32-bit or 64-bit version

How to remove Office license/copyright on Macbook simply

Office Home & Student suite of applications includes:

Unlike Key Office 2019 Pro Plus or Office 2019 Home & Business , Home & Student is a shortened version for students to use office suites without using Mail. Therefore, when you buy the Office Home & Student key , you will be installed with a suite of applications including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.



Many useful features: translation, search, pronunciation, grammar, etc.

Improved text ink: italic effect, line repeat, etc.

Many new additions.

New chart types: map, funnel…

Collaborate in real time.

New formula, support data analysis professionally

New features: Designer, QuickStarter, 3D, 4k video export…

Animation feature to make slideshows more vivid and engaging

How to install Office 2019 Home & Student

1. Using ISO Download Tool

Buffcom.NET has an ISO Download Tool that helps you download Microsoft software suites such as Windows, Office, Visio, Project… all versions.


Select the version to download as shown in the image below (in this guide, I will download Office 2019 Home & Student, if you need to download 2016 then choose 2016)Office Home & Student 2019 7

Select Download file and install it!

2. Download Office from Microsoft's website

This way, you need to have a Microsoft account to be able to download. If you don't have one, you need to register.


Access the link -> enter the account -> select Next -> enter the password -> select Sign in .

Enter your Microsoft account


Enter the Office 2019 Home & Student key code you purchased -> fill in the country and language information -> select Next .Office Home & Student 2019 9

Here will appear the Download Button, you choose Download to download the installation file and Install is done!Office Home & Student 2019 10

After downloading and installing, go to any Office application -> select Accept and Start Word .

Check copyright Microsoft Office Home Student 2019

The Key Office Home Student 2019 you buy at Buffcom.NET will be linked to the customer's Microsoft account, when you change your device, you just need to re-login to your Microsoft account to reactivate the license successfully.


To check Office copyright, you can go to Website log in your Microsoft account and go to Subscriptions or Purchase History to check the copyright.

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